Unlimited Footwear Group B.V.

Unlimited Footwear Group B.V.


The Unlimited Footwear Group is a Dutch fashion company that operates in the fast-fashion footwear market. With over 30 years of experience, Unlimited Footwear Group designs, sources and distributes shoes for men, women and kids.

UFG is headquartered in Waalwijk, the Netherlands but operates also from other offices in Holland as well as offices in Portugal, the United States and China. With a distribution of more than 5 million pairs of shoes per year, the company is active in more than 50 countries worldwide.

UFG is known for their extensive range or footwear and high competence in design. Thanks to an experienced design team with international scope, our shoes have a recognizable design signature with a characteristic eye for detail. We bring 6 – 8 collections per year, which ensures us to incorporate the latest fashion trends into our selection. Due to exclusive production space, short lead times are guaranteed. This mix of elements results in a value for money product, in all segments and for all age groups that UFG caters to.

The Unlimited Footwear Group works with a balanced portfolio of own brands, licensed brand, retail brands and private labels. The company is set up to serve all types of multi-brand fashion retailers as well as private label and license partners all over the world. UFG specializes in multiple types of businesses and consists of 4 divisions which all have their own independent entities.

Our objective it to be the preferred supplier for all kinds of shoe companies all over the world. Due to decades worth of experience, we gained in depth knowledge and understanding of the specific needs of this industry. Our way of working is based on our ambition to build long-term partnerships. UFG has a long term perspective when it comes to customer-supplier relationships, which is based on close co-operation, building mutual trust and giving the customer total peace of mind. From sketch to shelf, we are able to cater to the customer’s needs throughout the entire supply-chain. We aim to deliver excellent customer service, from design, sales, production, logistics, merchandise planning, stock analyses to collection and purchase advice.

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